Water purification made simple

Reyn is a collection of revolutionary home and garden filters that use Quantum Disinfection™ technology - the only way to kill 99.99% pathogens in water on contact without chemicals or electricity. Say hello to safe drinking water for your plants, pets and family!

  • Accessible pure water

    By removing the major barriers that lie between you and clean water, Reyn allows you to go about your life, staying prepared for any unexpected water crises.

  • Up to 50% more growth

    Plants thrive on disinfected water. They grow faster, bigger, and more vibrant when bacteria and viruses are absent.

  • A sustainable option

    Reyn brings water back to its roots. Our long lasting BPA-free filters use zero electricity or chemicals, require no maintenance, and do not leach hazardous by-products back into the environment.

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Everyone deserves clean water - pets, plants, and people

Grow your garden to new heights

Unlock your plant’s disease protection system with Quantum Disinfection™, increasing the absorption of nutrients and stimulating faster, bigger, and more vibrant growth. Plants love clean water!