The New Wave in Water Purification

Technically, Quantum Disinfection™ (QD) is not a filter, it is a water purifier.

Reyn uses alumina-based ceramic bead media that kills pathogens on contact at the Quantum level. Water simply has to pass over the QD™ media bed and all bacteria and viruses are destroyed instantly.

Working behind the scenes to keep you safe

This odorless and insoluble media is filled with silver and titanium dioxide that creates a cationic (positively charged) surface. All Reyn filters are tightly packed with this media, creating an environment that attracts electrons from all microorganisms passing through causing their entire structure to collapse. In layman’s terms, this means the microorganisms no longer exist and can no longer replicate. They die on contact.

Your Plants Deserve Clean Water Too

Always 3rd Party Tested

Quantum Disinfection™ technology has been rigorously tested and posted excellent results by