Reyn 101

Reyn 101

Everything you need to know about Reyn

If you are using generic methods to purify your water like boiling or adding chemicals, you are putting the lives of your family at risk. There are several ways to disinfect water. Chlorination was pretty effective, but it has its own downsides, UV and ultraviolet seem to be the product of choice lately, but it’s time to take disinfection to the next level.

That's why we created Reyn - a new cutting-edge technology that protects your water from microbiological contaminants. 

The goal behind creating Reyn was to solve everyday drinking water issues and provides an effective yet economical way to purify water without boiling, using any chemicals, or UV lights, and Reyn does precisely the same, giving excellent protection to your entire house. Welcome to the future of clean water!

Reyn filters last 37,000% longer than a traditional pitcher filter. Seriously.

What is Reyn?

Reyn is a Quantum Disinfection water media that uses many quantum mechanics principles of electron movement found in computers and smartphones. Manufactured using elemental P-Type semiconductors and solid-state theory, Reyn has been engineered to deliver clean, fresh, and great-tasting water no matter where you live. 

Reyn contains a very powerful electron-flowing surface that kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, pathogens, and cysts instantly without using any chemical sources or outside power. 

It goes under your kitchen sink and takes care of all those chemicals coming from your municipal water. It is easy to install, and a drill and a screwdriver are the only tools you need.

How Does it Work? 

Unlike other traditional water disinfecting methods where you have to plug in a device like a UV system or inject a chemical like chlorine or ozone into the water, Reyn Quantum disinfection does away with all of that by using a charged surface to attract electrons. Water simply comes in contact with the quantum disinfection media surface, and the bacteria and viruses instantly get eliminated. Here is how it works:

  • All matter has electrons and protons, some of which have more electrical charge than others, like magnets pulling or pushing opposites. Reyn uses this energy in the form of heavily charged electrons to attract the electrons inside pathogens. 
  • When microorganisms come in direct contact with the activated silica surface of Reyn, their entire structure collapse, and the electrons immediately start shifting to the media surface. 
  • Finally, they reach the quantum level, where they get destroyed. 
Reyn makes water purification simple and accessible.

Why You Should Choose Reyn?

Reyn uses incredible technology that has revolutionized water treatment around the globe. With no power requirements, Reyn uses gravitational flows to disinfect all pitcher devices, suspended units, bracket units, etc.

Disinfection can be achieved with no power, zero chemicals, and maintenance. The Quantum Disinfection media of Reyn is NSF 42 certified and adds nothing to the water.

Water Contamination Certifications of Reyn

The Reyn QD media is an NSF Certified component and EPA and has also tested Reyn under varying disinfection conditions and found no metals or harmful chemicals in the water. It leaves no carbon footprint, and unlike ultraviolet, this top-level technology provides year-round protection even when the power is out. Check out the Reyn water contamination certifications in the table below: 




Germicidal Efficiency

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa



Escherichia Coli



Staphylococcus Aureus



Candida Albicans



Enterococcus Hirae



Legionella Acdelaidensis



Anabaena Constricta




Big Reyn 

Reyn also has a point-of-entry system known as “Big Reyn” used to kill harmful bacteria or viruses from your entire house’s water supply. It is a 100% quantum disinfection media that runs at 12 gallons per minute and takes care of all contaminants, bacteria, and viruses present in your water. 

Big Reyn does not require any electricity to work, nor does it leave behind any hazardous chemicals. Besides your house, Big Reyn can also be used in commercial agriculture, greenhouses, RVs, large boats, etc. 

However, as it only disinfects the water, you will need another filtration system to filter suspended solids because any solid bigger than 5 microns may clog the activated surface of the quantum disinfection media. 

Reyn Garden Hose Mini

Third-party studies conducted on Reyn revealed that water filtered through Quantum media is absorbed faster by plants and vegetables and has a significant impact on their growth, so we immediately started working on the Garden hose mini so that homeowners and small farmers can also benefit from the clean and bacteria-free water. The filter comes attached with a standard hose and allows 7 gallons per minute of pressure. With regular use, you will notice a surge in the growth of your plants.


Plants love Reyn water.


What is Quantum Disinfection?

Quantum disinfection is a new revolutionary technology that uses the quantum mechanics principles of electron movement to disinfect water. It attracts electrons from microorganisms and destroys them instantly through the catalytic electron exchange without using any power. 

Does Quantum Disinfection media leech anything? 

No, Quantum Disinfection does not leech any ions or chemicals in water, and all of the bactericidal actions happen because of the catalytic surface action. The QD media is an NSF Certified component, and the EPA has also validated that no ions or metals were leached from the disinfection media.

What Makes Reyn Unique from other purification methods? 

Almost all the water purifying methods commonly used by people are somehow expensive, slow, and affect the overall quality of water. Reyn, on the other hand, is easy to use and kills microorganisms instantly without changing the natural goodness of water. 

Does Reyn Filter or Kill the microorganisms in water? 

Reyn is not a filter but rather a disinfector that treats the water in a way that inactivates or kills the remaining microorganisms in the water. It does not filter metals or solids present in the water and only kills pathogens in the water. 

Does Reyn affect the taste of the water? 

The under-sink filter of Reyn contains GAC, a coconut-based granulated activated carbon filter that removes all the harmful chemicals, including mercury, zinc, chlorine, copper, and cadmium, giving your water a better taste similar to the refrigerator filter or a filtered water pitcher. 

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