Reyn's beginning

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, Reyn founder Lauren Morkill has been inspired by the unassuming yet mystical properties that rainwater brings to life. With an inherent appreciation for water in its truest form, the Reyn company was established.

After years of research and investing in revolutionary technology that could change people's lives, Lauren teamed up with the lead scientist and inventor of Quantum Disinfection™ (QD) to help bring disinfected, safe and drinkable water to everyone.


Innovation in the making

"The product was discovered during my last year of PhD (doctorate) after 4 years of fundamental research on the surface activations and catalytic proprieties of new nanocomposite materials. We were looking at that time for materials with germicide proprieties for air treatment under a French Government Contract.

It is also important to mention that, once the product was discovered, validated, and understood, it took us another 11 years of applied research and development to bring the product from the laboratory scale (several grams per week) to industrial production (100 kg per day).

The QD media is quite unique, both in its capacities and proprieties but also, and especially, in manufacturing. We like to refer to our production process as the “Samurai sword”, not because it is complex, but because it is based on “how to do it” knowledge accumulated over more than 20 years."

-Cristian Chis, PhD
CEO Claire Technologies

  • Simple disinfection

    This new technology solves three major issues regarding safe drinking water by eliminating the need for chemicals, energy, and big money while also providing a way to kill 99.99% pathogens on instant contact.

  • A convenient solution

    Purifying water economically without boiling, using chemicals, or UV lights, makes it more accessible for everyone and has the potential to solve not only everyday drinking water issues, but major water crises.

  • Just like rain

    In the process of guaranteeing that the filters were safe for human use, we discovered the amazing benefits that it also brings to plants and animals. In the 3rd party studies done on the technology, it was discovered that plants and vegetables absorb more water and nutrients allowing them to grow bigger and faster.